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Sid Gabriel & Chris Sia


work featured at the 31st annual emeryville celebration of the arts, opening, fri. oct 6, 6-9pm, running through oct 29, 11am-6pm daily, free admission

Chris Sia's mixed media assemblage, "The Transfiguration of Saint Francis" is exhibited  at the Emery Tech gallery, 1475 66th Street, Emeryville.  Opening is Friday evening, Oct 6, 6-9pm...  Smaller curiosities and wall art will be available in the Print and Bin Shop as well.  The semi-reclusive artist will be on deck and answering questions and entertaining your comments and lively discussion.


The current that runs through our State-sponsored corporate media is inundated with lies and deception.  Artists challenge its propaganda by simply creating, whether it is graffiti emblazoned upon a city wall, a political poem, a satirical film, or a performance staged in front of the capital, the message is heartfelt.  

Art reflects the external worlds rising before and around us, to be interpreted by the inner world that comes through and from us. 



We are our own karma.  It is beyond judgment as "good" or "bad.". It is simply causal, action and reaction.  Everything that happens to us in our lives was set forth by us, be it by action or thought, conscious or unconscious.  We create the patterns, first in thought, then in action if manifest, that become the sequence of interrelated events that is the unfolding of our lives.  Those that recognize this, and then not turn away from this ultimate responsibility, can be liberated from their karma, in the sense that there is the understanding that we are the totality of the moment.  And that we are not victims of external forces.  We are empowered sentient beings.

GabrielSia invites you to the closing event of their exhibition.
If you haven't been out to see our exhibit at Ohmega Salvage, Thursday night we're going to bust it all out for the closing of ART FROM LIES. We are especially excited to have our future housemates and longtime collaborators, RICE CRACKER aka Night Nurse vs ill.Gates, serve up their wildly eclectic spin on West Coast Bass.
Bringing our intermedia arts under one roof, GEAR LABS II, our line of one-off leather apparel and accessories will be displayed, Couture Sans Catwalk—on some local beauties.
All this and melted toy soldier battlefields, a pantheon of new deities, and curios and curiosities. All art priced to go! Starting at $45.

Beauty, Technology, War and Spirituality enshrined in the lies and material noise of western popular culture, ordained by it high priest—the dominant kleptocracy. 


A tabletop battlefield of toy soldiers frozen in battle, encrypted in gold and silver—transforming details of which we are oblivious, to obvious fact: war doesn't look a thing like our toys do. 


On the wall, hundreds of wrathful Buddhist deities' intensity is betrayed entirely by the small coffee table decoupage has imprisoned them upon, that the artists refitted for interior wall decor. 


A garden sculpture of a man festooned with hundreds of sticks of RAM and obscure circuitboards stares into your soul with eyes made of optical drive parts and asks What conflict minerals are you made of?
From statuettes of head-swapped deities to cherubim gilded in gold and blood, nothing this collaboration creates can be found in any mall on earth. Not because it's shocking or graphic, but because the materials are reorganized and reconstructed in such a way that they expose the lies that industry nor its consumers ever reveals. Beauty is an object you can buy.  War is a fun game to play.  It's not blasphemous or irreverent per se. It's just art from lies.  And it's beautiful, stunning, intricate, alarming and poignant.

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