I make art because I have to.

In Chinese astrology, I'm a Firehorse...  I've been blessed/cursed with an endless reservoir of energy, which fuels my art and activism.  When I was five years old, laying in bed awake, I questioned my mortality, measured against infinite time and space, and found myself in a downward spiral of non-existence, screaming in consternation until my parents rushed in to comfort me.  They could not comfort me because I could not explain what I had experienced. That discomfort continues to propel a life of self-inquiry, a propensity for shamanic practice and service to Oneness, and its concomitant catalyst in the creation of art. 



Chris Sia
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Urban Dictionary: googlian slip Word up!  The Urban Dictionary has approved my definition of Googlian Slip.  It's one of the few newer additions that is not sexual jargon...  It's such a fresh shiny word, that upon highlighting, the dialogue bod still reads: "No replacements found," When you feel like language is limited, that there is no words for a concept that squirms in your head, and interminable hours stalking the Thesaurus provides no relief—just make up your own damn word.  Don't resort to self-indulgent jibberish that only you would be privy to its origin.  Research Latin, Greek, Sanskrit, etc., to come up with an historical etymology, or go for the lofty onomatopoeia, where your word is pure poetry, its actual literal sound evokes the thing it represents. But please, no words for your penis, or really, anything about yourself. Kk Egocentricity should not be the motivation for coining vernacular.  Avoid the romantic and political at first, also, polysyllabism should be tackled incrementally.  Your first word should have no more than two syllables, your second no more than four, and so on...  And the religious?  Don't dare or you will be accused of blasphemy and heresy, exiled, cursed, even tortured and executed.  Don't fuck with the Babadook, for Christ's sake...
Chris Sia flys away - Out of Exile - San Francisco, CA.

Nudigenous Political Fashion Theatre by Roxy ContinChris Sia, Vatra Amidzich, Shay Butta, Leah, & Sam Ceora **** Featuring Angel, Rigzin, Cassidy Haley, Justin Barker, Inobe Nicole, Aliya Calypso, and More!

Posted by Michael Metaphysical Russell on Friday, August 13, 2010

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